OpenScape Energy Efficiency Management

 Reduce energy costs by up to 50% by monitoring, analyzing and managing consumption across your infrastructure.

Maximizing energy efficiency is a top enterprise priority. It helps you reduce costs, comply with environmental regulations and meet social corporate responsibility targets. But do you know where to make the quickest and biggest improvements in energy efficiency? Most energy management solutions lack the capability to identify and manage the energy consumption and carbon footprint of distributed networks, data centers and facilities.

We can help you achieve your energy efficiency goals with OpenScape Energy Efficiency Management. This automated software solution provides extensive capabilities to monitor, analyze, and manage the energy consumption of entire enterprise networks in all their complexity. This means that from the largest systems to individual devices, you can understand and optimize your energy consumption and costs.



  • Monitoring: real-time visibility of all devices and systems connected to your network with an easy-to-use remote interface
  • Analysis: instant intelligence with interactive drill-down reporting capabilities
  •  Management: create automated policies to control energy consumption across your network.



Our comprehensive enterprise energy management system allows you to analyze, optimize and automate energy policies, improving savings with less effort. The power of this insight extends across your company and beyond. With detailed drill-down analysis and reporting capabilities, you can:

  • Ensure that your company is consuming efficiently and avoiding peak energy rates
  •  Identify top power wasters and energy-saving opportunities
  •  Make informed purchasing decisions and pricing negotiations with your energy providers
  •  Improve your company’s consumer image with a green reputation.



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