OpenScape Health Connect HiMed

Around the world we're living longer. We have medical innovations to thank for that. But there's a problem. Aging populations and falling clinical resources are putting ever more stress on already overburdened healthcare systems. So what to do?

 For many under-pressure and underfunded healthcare organizations, the answer is technology. It might not be the only answer, but in the face of unsustainable public and private healthcare models, technology has a major role to play in improving patient care and reducing costs.

OpenScape Health Station HiMed does just that - enabling your hospital staff to access remote clinical expertise (both internal and external) and key Hospital Information Systems (HIS) at the point of care.


OpenScape Health Connect - Positive OutcomeCreating positive patient outcomes.

Instant response. Accurate diagnosis. Well-being and recovery. With positive outcomes your priority, OpenScape Health Connect brings together patients, clinicians and support staff to accelerate collaboration and improve care.

Secure communications at the point of careSecure Communications

A single, unified terminal at the point of care: improving patient and clinician access to information, services and support. That's the power of OpenScape Health Station - part of the OpenScape Health Connect communications suite.

Mobility healthcareMobility for Healthcare

Fully connected to patient records and emergency protocols at the point of care, today's healthcare professionals are more informed, more responsive and more collaborative than ever before.






For The Clinician
Remote access to offsite colleagues. Instant video collaboration to support remote diagnosis. Emergency protocols and patient records via touch screen terminals at the point of care. And the ability to launch patient video calls from smartphones or tablets.

 For The Health Professional
Instantly respond to any emergency via OpenScape Alarm Response - triggered by any kind of system, from vital-sign monitoring to a nurse call system. Digitally record all clinical and care activities via OpenScape Health Station.

 For The Patient
World-Class Care - regardless of hospital size or location. Offer patients access to personal care plans and medicine regimes - giving them the confidence of knowing they're in safe hands. And to aid recovery, provide them with interactive education, entertainment and communication services at the bedside via OpenScape Health Station.

 For The IT Administrator
A simplied, unified infrastructure - consolidating multiple networks, applications and devices onto a single, intuitive platform. The technology and support to deploy new, state-of-the-art solutions, and the ability to improve efficiency, reduce cost and future proof investments.

 Award-winning Healthcare Communications
Remote OpenScape Health Connect has received a host of international awards. And it has been recognized by Frost and Sullivan in its Product Line Strategy Award Global for Unified Communications Technologies Healthcare.



OpenScape Health Connect HiMed

Besides various entertainment options like television, radio connecting DVD devices or game paddles, the OpenScape Health Station HiMed also allows Internet use as well as the use of hospital specific Intranet information. The patients will be able to surf the Internet, obtain information via the patient portal and use already existing applications directly at the patient's bed.

Regarding the medical and care sector, the OpenScape Health Station actively supports the processes at the patient's bed. Via the connection to the hospital information system, it is possible to get for example access to the patient file directly at the patient's bed and take the required actions. Hereby, the users identify themselves at the OpenScape Health Station HiMed via SmartCards.

The economic efficiency as well as the atrractiveness of the hospital will be improved by additional income from billing of charges for the different services such as telephone, TV and Internet and by optimizing the processes at the patient's bed.



 IP Nurse Call SystemNurse call

An intelligent terminal feature, Advanced Nurse Call routes a patient call to any wired or wireless device of the appropriate staff member. This allows nurses to clarify, validate and assess the priority of the issue before going to the room. This can have a significant impact on the distance a nurse walks every shift, reducing "travel" time and freeing up more time for direct patient care.

Access to the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) at the patient's bedside - via OpenScape Health Station HiMed - not only gives nurses more time to focus on their paperwork, it can significantly increase patient face time; reducing the risk of error and increasing quality of care.

Supporting Overworked Staff - A 'Help' button can be integrated with most existing nurse call systems. Not only that, OpenScape Health Station HiMed enables the nurse to establish direct, hands-free communication with the patient, using the terminal's integrated microphones and loudspeakers. Nursing staff can now assess the priority of the enquiry - eliminating wasted trips to the bedside, and giving the nurse more time to care.




Streamlined Clinician Access

  • - Real time access is more effective, efficient and error-free for safer, accurate decisions.
  • - Decreases admission times, ER cycle times and increase room availability.

Enhance the Patient Experience

  •  - Patients are better informed - reducing patient fear, improving recovery time and overall satisfaction.
  •  - Automation reduces delivery burden while improving consistency.
  •  - Multi-language capabilities save translation costs.

Simplify the Point-of-Care

  •  - Reduced trip / fall hazards.
  •  - Reduced capital costs (fewer equipment to buy).
  •  - Reduced training, maintenance and support lower operation costs.
  •  - Fewer devices to clean therefore improved disease control.

Improve Staff Productivity

  •  - Patient self-service reduces staff requests.
  •  - Facilitates nursing prioritization (respond letter) and workflow (respond accurately).
  •  - Improved shift handover quality and turnaround time




“The Healthcare terminal is making a big difference here at The Chester County Hospital by significantly streamlining our clinicians’ workflow, while at the same time supporting our goals of excellent patient safety and satisfaction.“

Mary Buckley, Vice President of IT
The Chester County Hospital and Health System


“A systematic review found that bedside terminals and central station desktops reduced nurses’ time spent on documentation by 24 percent.“

Journal of American Medical Informatics Association