OpenScape Exchange

Enjoy savings of up to 50% on telephony with IP least-cost routing

Why interconnect PBXs in multiple sites over the PSTN and maintain separate routing tables in each location when you already have an IP connection? Using a centralized IP-based call-routing system, OpenScape Exchange allows you to interconnect all sites and gain immediate call cost reductions.

IP least-cost routing (IP-LCR) with OpenScape Exchange offers considerable savings, because it allows you to eliminate PSTN interconnection and the administration costs of maintaining seperate numbering plans and routing tables.


Significant Savings

OpenScape Exchange typically reduces inter-site traffic costs by 30%, equating to a monthly saving of $37,000 for a 10,000-user, 50-site enterprise. Plus you can save on the administration costs of maintaining local numbering plans and routing tables.

We have developed an return on investment (ROI) calculator that shows how much you can save with the OpenScape Exchange. We have helped companies halve their total telephony costs, achieving ROI in as little as three months.


Unified Communications Migration

Once in place the migration plan to full OpenScape Voice is easy, through the addition of user licenses. It is a short step to full unified communications because OpenScape Exchange is part of OpenScape UC Suite. You can preserve your existing PBX investment and are able to upgrade your network at your own pace.



  • IP least cost routing tool to bypass PSTN
  • Savings of up to 50% achievable
  • Preserve existing telephony investment
  • Clear migration path to unified communications



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