OpenScape Enterprise Express

Targeted to address the needs of today’s mid-sized enterprise market, OpenScape Enterprise Express is a highly competitive and economical Voice and Unified Communications (UC) solution package that delivers applications that have the highest recognized business value. The OpenScape Enterprise Express has been designed to make installation easy and to simplify maintenance. With its prepackaged suite of applications OpenScape Enterprise Express satisfies the typical requirements of a mid-sized enterprise by providing advanced Unified Communications capabilities.


OpenScape Enterprise Express
OpenScape Enterprise Express Core Applications

OpenScape Enterprise Express integrates the following award-wininng OpenScape software applications onto a single server:

OpenScape Voice – Central communication server
OpenScape UC Application – Unified Communications platform
OpenScape Xpressions – Unified Messaging
OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise – Enterprise class contact center solution
OpenScape Common Management Platform – common management interface for core applications and select network elements
OpenScape Deployment Service – IP endpoint management including plug & play, QoS parameters and security certificate distribution
OpenScape User Management – user centric administration that is template driven and reduces the overall administrative efforts required



Solving Integration Complexity
OpenScape Enterprise Express is designed to reduce the biggest unknown of any new integration project – the time it takes to integrate all the different pieces of a complete unified communications solution in order to boost team productivity. OpenScape Enterprise Express is a SIP-based solution pre-integrated with a best-in-class set of enterprise applications from the OpenScape Enterprise portfolio.

Increasing Team Productivity
Avoiding the pain of integrating multiple applications across several platforms in order to improve performance and operational efficiency is a top priority in enterprise communications today. In-house resources may not be prepared for extended interoperability testing, and the risk of project delays can management solution hamper the ability to compete effectively. OpenScape Enterprise Express is designed to solve this problem efficiently and effectively. It is a mid-size enterprise solution that:

⦁ Provides all the necessary applications pre- installed and pre-configured
⦁ Reduces the costs and risks of integrating Voice, UC and Contact Center capabilities
⦁ Dramatically speeds up business community and collaboration workflows
⦁ Improves the relationships between customers and their customers
⦁ Creates a flexible mobile workforce
⦁ Lowers overall software and solution lifecycle costs with software assurance
⦁ Is easily expandable for growth
⦁ Is easy to manage with a single unified management solution

This adds up to more efficient operations, more effective employees, and amplified teamwork.


Reduce Communications Costs
⦁ SIP Trunking can reduce PSTN charges by as much as 50%
⦁ In-House Audio Conferencing can provide an ROI payback within months

Improve Operational Efficiencies
⦁ Virtualization lowers energy costs, reduces number of servers
⦁ Single Management solution with zero touch maintenance reduces operational expenses, operator learning curve
⦁ Software Assurance guarantees latest updates and features

Team Productivity & Collaboration
⦁ Team collaboration goes up with unified communications tools
⦁ Productivity can increase by as much as 13% with “anywhere worker”

Gain Competitive Advantage:
⦁ Increased customer satisfaction
⦁ Increased reliability and business continuity
⦁ Lower integration costs, lower communication costs
⦁ Team collaboration provides efficiency and business agility


“OpenScape Enterprise Express will help to improve the integration of our team, reducing costs and enhancing productivity. By using features such as presence management and the integration of different medias, such as voice, email and fax, we believe that the performance of our workgroups will be amplified."

Gilson Pires, IT, Phonoway

“Our SIP-based communications infrastructure is inherently more cost efficient. We are even finding that we need fewer physical phones because the UC environment allows more of our workforce to go virtual.”

Richard Fairhurst, Director IT Global Infrastructure, Pall Corporation