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Bridging the gap between technology and humanity.

It is often said that a society should be judged on how it treats its elderly and most vulnerable citizens. As life expectancy continues to rise, this issue is becoming increasingly prominent and as result, an increasing focus is being placed on ensuring seniors living at home or in residential care enjoy a higher quality of life – and quite rightly so. We believe in growing old with dignity and self-respect as nothing less than a basic human right.

Enabling communication, increasing independence and optimizing personal safety, the Care Home and Home Gateway are life-quality enhancing products for senior citizens. Simple to install, even simpler to operate, it offers much more than a link between people – it is a vital communication portal that can make a major contribution to a more positive, rewarding and happier life. 




Care Phone

The Care Phone provides a simple and effective solution to enable disabled, elderly or people recovering from illness to feel safe and secure at home. It provides a secure line of communication with the outside world for homebound individuals.

Care Phone

The Care Phone includes a wireless pendant (Class I approved) that can be worn around the neck/on the body within the home or close neighborhood. The patented dual-frequency function from the wireless pendant ensures that alarm signals are by the base unit. If the alarm is sent and not received successfully, the transmitter will send it again using another frequency until it is received. The Care Phones are in contact with a central receiver via an analogue and/or GSM network. Incoming alarms can be sent via the alarm receiver to mobile phones, DECT/Wifi-phones or to a PC with an operator.

Care Phones are easy to mount and easy to clean. They are equipped with both a microphone and a speaker and can be used as a speakerphone, which allows calls with no additional interaction from the user side following the alarm activation.



  • Reduce demand for beds in medical facilities

  • Initiate social contact

  • Enhance quality of life

  • Increase independency & optimise personal safety & security of elderly

  • Easy usage & management

Home Gateway

The Home Gateway allows seniors to live comfortably and safely. From a local authority or financial perspective this represents good financial sense, as there is a reduced requirement for nursing home beds. However, this shift in how care is applied requires an equivalent movement in terms of devising solutions that ensure our most vulnerable and elderly citizens still receive the highest standards of care.

Home Gateway

Home Gateway provides a ‘route’ through which the individual can connect with the outside world from the comfort and security of their own home environment. The unit has an intuitive, simple-to-operate interface with push buttons and a full-colour touchscreen display controlled via large push buttons. The Home Gateway combines high technology with outstanding functionality and ease of use - in other words, it enables without causing confusion or demanding sophisticated interaction from the user.

Home Gateway is configurable based on individual demands. This level of sophistication can express itself in many practical ways. For example, daily reminders to take medication or to contact friends or family can be configured. The convenience of the solution also allows users to program their individual system in such a way that if they need to go to the doctor on a regular basis, they can create a button on their display for the option of selecting a taxi. Activating this button places a call directly to the taxi company with details of where the caller is living.

Increased independence, optimised care and simple operation – Home Gateway can make a vital and positive contribution to quality of life wherever it is applied.



  • Telemedicine reminder

  • Remote health status monitoring (Integration with 3rd party devices)

*benefits of Care Phone are the same with Home Gateway 


teleCARE IP combines the full suite of traditional nurse call functionality and the power of IP technology. And because teleCARE IP operates on the IP level, it is more cost effective and more efficient for your hospital, elderly care home, or nursing home.


Nurse call systems have historically used a central server to control and manage system resources. teleCARE IP’s unique decentralised architecture shifts control to multiple network nodes, thus eliminating the central server. These network nodes, or IP room controllers, are installed in newly designed corridor lamps. Each self-supported IP room controller communicates, signals and controls the room’s activities. teleCARE IP represents a simpler and a safer system because, unlike older systems with a central server, no single point of failure exists that might disrupt call signaling.

teleCARE IP extends the traditional nurse call system functionality. Calls are sent to the responsible nurse or nurses, but when one of these nurses cannot take the call, the call escalates to another staff member. All calls and information are delivered discretely to staff on the move, thus ensuring effective message delivery. In simpler terms, it’s information on the fly – delivered within a single department or across several.



  • No single point of failure (Decentralised architecture)

  • Improved efficiency (Reducing time staff spend walking)

  • Reduce stress on staff (Facilitating decisions making on the spot)

  • Improve communication with patients (More face-to-face time)

  • Capability to prioritise calls (Attend to the most urgent call first)