OpenScape Patient Centre

Healthcare clinicians, professional and IT managers are constantly striving to develop ways of working that make the most of their talents and time. Our applications and solutions will enable you to dedicate people, resources, skills and services to areas where they can be most effective, so patients not only get the best care possible but are also able to exercise unprecedented choice at the point of care. 


 We are also offering a range of networking solutions tailored for the healthcare market that go beyond basic high-speed connectivity. Our networks are interoperable, scalable and flexible in order to facilitate clinical collaboration, workflows and overall availability of care. In addition it maintains appropriate access control to data and services within a highly dynamic and mobile environment.

OpenScape Health Connect

The OpenScape Health Connect portfolio is a comprehensive suite of healthcare communications and collaboration solutions designed to help your healthcare institution communicate better.  For a clinician, this means being able to instantly find and connect to another specialist at a remote location, or launch a video call from a smart device to a patient. For a health professional, this means being able to digitally record at the bedside and instantly respond to medical alarms. For a patient, this means receiving world-class care no matter how small or remote a facility may be.  For an IT administrator, this means, leveraging your existing infrastructure – while improving efficiency and reducing cost. OpenScape Health Connect helps improve the patient experience, streamline clinical workflow, and ultimately enables better patient care for every step of a patient’s journey.

HealthcareTerminalThe OpenScape Health Station 

Increase patient satisfaction, quality of service, revenue, clinical efficiency, while enabling easier compliance and reducing costs, errors, and risks - all in one solution. It‘s not too good to be true. Allow us to introduce you to the OpenScape Health Station, our newest solution for the healthcare industry.

This innovative OpenScape Health Station terminal comes complete with a hospital-grade monitor and telephone for the patient’s bedside, and provides simple and secure access to applications that benefit doctors, nurses, and the patient. From streamlining medication administration to patient access to entertainment – you have to see this new solution.


Streamlined Clinician Access
Enable clinicians to make chart updates directly at the patient‘s bedside. An integrated barcode scanner allows for digital scanning and verification of any drug prior to dispensing. Reduce errors while improving efficiency.

Nurse Assist
Designed to improve clinician effectiveness, this function can launch a video call to the nurse‘s station. Now, a request for a cup of water or a blanket requires one trip, not two. An article in The Permenante Journal notes that nurses walk an average of 3 miles per shift, and “evidence suggests that time saved walking translates into more time spent on patient-care activities.“

Patient Services
Provide commonly-requested information at the patient‘s bedside. Offer push-button meal ordering to launch menus that meet specific dietary requirements. Help meet HCAHPS goals with patient satisfaction surveys that escalate patient concerns to hospital administrators before the patient leaves the hospital. Offer discharge paperwork digitally.

My Care Team
The OpenScape Health Station terminal features an innovative application that allows the patient to learn about the various medical professionals on their team. User-friendly applications enable patients to direct non-emergency questions to their doctor, or keep a digital notepad so that they (or their family members) don‘t forget to ask any questions.

Patient Education
The OpenScape Health Station terminal can optionally deliver patient education modules, tailored to patient‘s specific requirements. Created your own patient education material? No problem - we‘ll integrate it to maximize your investment.

Patient Entertainment
Offer your patients access to the internet, movies, games, a phone, and television. Optional, low-cost daily fees can enable the creation of new revenue streams, while improving patient well being. Better yet, there are no complex content provider agreements to manage. We do all that for you - it works out of the box.

Integrated Communications for First Responders – OpenScape Xpert

  • - Helps Patient Transport Centers manage radio and telephone communications with a single device
  • - Bridges radio and telephone communications into a single conference
  • - Quick access to hundreds of lines and speed dials

Alerting and Alarming for Mobile Devices - OScAR

  • - Supports combined messaging, voice and alarm functionality
  • - Notifies intended message recipients via a wide array of mobile and fixed display devices


Streamline Clinical Access

  • - Real time access is more effective, efficient, and error-free for safer, accurate decisions.
  • - Decreases admission times, ER cycle times and increase room availability

Enhance the Patient Experience

  • - Patients are better informed – reducing patient fear, improving recovery time and overall satisfaction
  • - Automation reduces delivery burden while improving consistency
  • - Multi-language capabilities save translation costs

Simplify the Point-of-Care

  • - Reduced trip / fall hazards
  • - Reduced capital costs (fewer equipment to buy)
  • - Reduced training, maintenance and support lower operation costs
  • - Fewer devices to clean therefore improved disease control

Improve Staff Productivity

  • - Patient self service reduces staff requests
  • - Facilitates nursing prioritization (respond better) and workflow (respond accurately)
  • - Improved shift handover quality and turnaround time – quick pick up


“The Healthcare terminal is making a big difference here at The Chester County Hospital by significantly streamlining our clinicians’ workflow, while at the same time supporting our goals of excellent patient safety and satisfaction.“

Mary Buckley, Vice President of IT
The Chester County Hospital and Health System


“A systematic review found that bedside terminals and central station desktops reduced nurses’ time spent on documentation by 24 percent.“

Journal of American Medical Informatics Association