OpenScape Unified Communication Application

OpenScape UC Application empower enterprises of any size with the right set of communication capabilities to collaborate seamlessly beyond the boundaries of the traditional office, improving relationships, interactions and information exchange with suppliers, partners, customers, and employees located in geographically dispersed offices. Business pace accelerates by connecting stakeholders quickly and efficiently, allowing office workers, mobile workers and tele-workers to collaborate and share information across boundaries of time and distance. 

TGS IP Phones

The TGS IDP series IP phone is a new generation of innovative SIP telephone that provides voice communication over the same data network that your computer uses. This phone’s functions not only much like a traditional phone, allowing to place and receive calls, and enjoy other features that traditional phone has, but it also own many data services features which you could not expect from a traditional telephone. 

Hosted Voice Solutions

 A Hosted PBX gives businesses the features of a traditional PBX system as a Cloud-Based Solution, plus some additional features that hardware PABX couldn't provide. Our Hosted Voice Solution is chargeable based on monthly subscription basis and easily scalable, depending on the needs of the company. Our Hosted Voice Solution allows businesses to have PABX phone system features at a low upfront cost, as there isn't any PABX equipment to buy or maintain.

Our Hosted Voice Solution is based on OpenScape Cloud Technology.OpenScape Cloud Technology not only cut your cost of communications, they also significantly improve your operational flexibility, radically reducing the time to implement business decisions that depend on communications infrastructure. Add flexible financial and service options – from capital purchase through “pay as you go“ – and the value of secure cloud communications becomes compelling.

OpenScape Voice

Your Easiest Path to Unified Communications

OpenScape Voice is a major component of Unified Communications Portfolio. It provides organizations with a carrier-grade voice communications system that delivers high resiliency and advanced features on its platform. The media event server delivers a dual software image and signal redundancy to deliver the high level of uptime that is expected from carriers. As a native SIP-based soft switch, OpenScape Voice is independent from the underlying hardware. This provides high reliability for voice communications and a scalable architecture, which supports up to 100,000 users per cluster.

OpenScape Enterprise Express

Targeted to address the needs of today’s mid-sized enterprise market, OpenScape Enterprise Express is a highly competitive and economical Voice and Unified Communications (UC) solution package that delivers applications that have the highest recognized business value. The OpenScape Enterprise Express has been designed to make installation easy and to simplify maintenance. With its prepackaged suite of applications OpenScape Enterprise Express satisfies the typical requirements of a mid-sized enterprise by providing advanced Unified Communications capabilities.

OpenScape Business

OpenScape Business is the modern and future-proof all-in-one solution for Unified Communication & Collaboration, specially tailored to the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises with one or more locations.