Home Care

Bridging the gap between technology and humanity.

It is often said that a society should be judged on how it treats its elderly and most vulnerable citizens. As life expectancy continues to rise, this issue is becoming increasingly prominent and as result, an increasing focus is being placed on ensuring seniors living at home or in residential care enjoy a higher quality of life – and quite rightly so. We believe in growing old with dignity and self-respect as nothing less than a basic human right.

Enabling communication, increasing independence and optimizing personal safety, the Care Home and Home Gateway are life-quality enhancing products for senior citizens. Simple to install, even simpler to operate, it offers much more than a link between people – it is a vital communication portal that can make a major contribution to a more positive, rewarding and happier life. 

OpenScape Patient Centre

Healthcare clinicians, professional and IT managers are constantly striving to develop ways of working that make the most of their talents and time. Our applications and solutions will enable you to dedicate people, resources, skills and services to areas where they can be most effective, so patients not only get the best care possible but are also able to exercise unprecedented choice at the point of care. 

OpenScape Health Connect HiMed

Around the world we're living longer. We have medical innovations to thank for that. But there's a problem. Aging populations and falling clinical resources are putting ever more stress on already overburdened healthcare systems. So what to do?