Gateways for Large Systems

Keep your local branches connected with our gateway and intelligent branch solutions

Branches of large organizations provide the local sales and service interface to customers and need communications which are just as good as those in headquarters.

 They must be also to operate if they become disconnected from HQ, such as a WAN failure, by maintaining basic call-control functions, for example. Branches also need connections via a gateway to the PSTN to enable outside communications and be able to support older analog devices, such as fax machines.


Gateways for OpenScape Voice

We offer both gateway and intelligent branch solutions to keep your branches connected.

Gateways provide communications for your branch and data center, by interconnecting IP networks to the PSTN. They offer other key functions including firewalls, call admission control, SIP proxy and analog adapters. Our gateways also provide signaling interworking and survivability in case of WAN failure.

We offer gateways for small, medium, large and very large branch and data-center applications. These include Survivable Media Gateways for up to 2,000 users and non-survivable media gateways for smaller branches of eight to 100 users. Smaller branches can have better resiliency with OpenScape Branch .

In addition our HiPath 3000 and HiPath 4000 systems can be used as gateways in OpenScape Voice networks. This helps protect your investment and smooth migration from older systems to OpenScape Voice.


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