OpenScape Contact Center Campaign Director

Design cost-effective outbound campaigns that improve customer loyalty and retention

 Labor can represent up to 80% of a contact center’s operational costs. The challenge is to control and even reduce labor costs but not at the expense of customer service. Agent-assisted and agent-less proactive customer care campaigns are proven approaches to increasing customer loyalty and retention while keeping costs in check.

 With OpenScape Contact Center Campaign Director, you can build strong customer relationships that drive loyalty, satisfaction and increase revenue. It allows you to implement proactive contact to preemptively reduce inbound call volumes, improve business processes and generate new revenue opportunities.


New Generation of Outbound Technology

OpenScape Contact Center Campaign Director ushers in a new generation of outbound contact management solutions with patented predictive dialing, advanced campaign and list management, call tactics and call recording capabilities. Campaign management is simplified with a single unified point for administration, management and reporting.

OpenScape Contact Center Campaign Director is a versatile solution, which can be used in all industries, including banking, insurance, government, telecommunications, retail, healthcare and outsourcing for the following applications:

  • Collections

  • Telesales and marketing
  • Notifications and alerting 
  • Services and support 
  • Blended inbound/outbound campaigns 
  • Proactive customer care



Available fully integrated with OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise or as a stand-alone outbound solution, OpenScape Contact Center Campaign Director allows you to:

  • Seamlessly and easily manage campaigns, calling records, agent workflow, and campaign strategies 
  • Prioritize who to call, when to call, and the best agent for the call
  • Minimize compliance risks, monitor calls in real-time and manage essential business rules
  • Maximize revenue opportunities using contact-level call strategies that allow you to segment your database
  • Increase agent productivity by implementing predictive dialing that improves agent productivity
  • Execute multiple concurrent strategies during a campaign
  • Increase agent satisfaction with an easy-to-use interface
  • Streamline decision making using real-time performance data
  • Reduce costs by using outbound IVR to reduce inbound call volumes



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