Network Management

Meet Isaac - The Intelligent Socially Aware Automated Communications

Imagine if your network could speak directly to you — in your terms, in your language?

An exchange begins between you and a machine. Imagine if your network could securely communicate issues and alerts to you over your favorite social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Chatter? Imagine that anyone on your IT staff could proactively manage and control your IT infrastructure in real-time — anytime, anywhere? How would that change your workflows? Your business model? Your ability to respond?

Meet isaac, Enterasys' first of its kind technology that will revolutionize the way you do network management. Isaac allows you to stay ahead of potential network issues and protect your business by providing a predictable, secure, real-time solution for managing your enterprise network and all the applications it supports with an easy-to-use interface – social media. This is one "friend" you’ll want to "follow" — get to know isaac today!

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