OpenScape Business

OpenScape Business is the modern and future-proof all-in-one solution for Unified Communication & Collaboration, specially tailored to the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises with one or more locations.

OpenScape Business

The OpenScape Business architecture allows use independently of the existing telephony infrastructure – regardless of whether this is classic TDM telephony, IP or DECT. From powerful telephony to a feature-rich set Unified Communication (UC) solution, OpenScape Business always provides enterprises with up to 500 subscribers, or 1000 subscribers in one network, with the right solution.

Various OpenScape Business models are available for different existing infrastructure sizes (X3/X5/X8). Alternatively, it is possible to operate the OpenScape Business software on a standard server (softswitch), of course also in fully virtualized


Unified Communication & Collaboration

Unified Communication (UC) is a technology for enhancement of communication in enterprises and integrates various communication media into a standardized application environment. OpenScape Business simplifies business processes in enterprises, for instance through continuous presence management, e.g. automatically forward calls to your cell phone when you are out of the office. But the provision of dial-in conferences, personal voicemail (voice box), personal Fax Message Box, Instant Messaging (IM), use of the cell phone as a telephone system extension, Contact Center, Video and Web Collaboration are also combined in this standardized solution. UC optimizes business processes, work time is saved, employees are more satisfied, and enterprises become more profitable.


Mobility Solutions

The business world along with the work processes of enterprises and their employees have fundamentally changed. In addition to being at their office workstation, employees are often on the road from where they must also have access to your enterprise communications. OpenScape Business gives your enterprise flexible integrated mobility choices suitable for mobile communication at all sites. These include, for instance, integration of smartphones and tablet PCs, use of cordless/DECT and WLAN telephones right up to full integration of home office employees with continuous access to your business communications.



OpenScape Business combines the best of the HiPath 3000 and OpenScape Office in a unified software solution architecture based on modern and innovative communication technologies.
⦁ All-In-One Unified Communication solution for small and medium enterprises
⦁ Integrated voice services
⦁ Presence management (presence status)
⦁ Drag and Drop Conference
⦁ Visual voicemail
⦁ Instant Messaging (IM)
⦁ Mobility
⦁ Directory access with database connection
⦁ Fax support
⦁ Integration into business processes
⦁ Multichannel Contact Center
⦁ Integration of OpenScape Web Collaboration
⦁ Multiple Sites support


Unified Communications

OpenScape Business provides two alternative flavours of Unified Communication Clients, depending on your needs:

UC Smart SW is fully embedded within the OpenScape Business SW running on the motherboard of OpenScape Business X3/X5 and X8. It offers:

  • ⦁ Presence incl. status based announcements
  • ⦁ Favorites include Call Status
  • ⦁ Visual VoiceMail Control
  • ⦁ Ad Hoc Conferencing
  • ⦁ Directory Access
  • ⦁ Chat
  • ⦁ Reminder
  • ⦁ The UC Smart solution offers two UC clients:
  • ⦁ myPortal Smart (on desktop)
  • ⦁ myPortal for Mobile (for smartphones or tablet PCs)

UC Suite comprises full suite of OpenScape Business UC features. The UC Suite solution offers several Unified Communications clients:

  • ⦁ myPortal for Desktop
  • ⦁ myPortal for Outlook - as Add On for Microsoft Outlook
  • ⦁ myPortal for Mobile - for mobile devices as Smartphones or tablet PCs
  • ⦁ myAttendant

The Multichannel Contact Center option offers two clients for use within the contact center environment: 

  • ⦁ myAgent as agent and supervisor desktop application
  • ⦁ myReports as client for report creation


Mobility Options for Mobile Employees

OpenScape Business Mobility provides features like:

  • ⦁ SmartPhone and tablet PC integation into UC solution
  • ⦁ One Number Service regardless of location and used device
  • ⦁ Dual mode telephony (UMTS / WLAN) support at public hotspots
  • ⦁ Mobile Logon
  • ⦁ CallMe function
  • ⦁ VPN support


OpenScape Business UC Clients

 myPortal Smart is the desktop client for the UC Smart solution. myPortal Smart is available for Apple MAC OS & Windows

myPortal for Desktop presents the full suite of OpenScape Business UC features from a single window

myPortal for Outlook

  • ⦁ All of the functionality in myPortal for Desktop available as an MS Outlook toolbar!
  • ⦁ Enables users to access all of their communications - voice, conferencing, voicemail, fax, IM, email, and contacts - directly from within MS Outlook
  • ⦁ Users can click to dial any number from any Microsoft application

myPortal for Mobile / Tablet

  • ⦁ Delivers OpenScape Business UC features onto your mobile web-enabled smart phone / Tablet PC
  • ⦁ Independent of your current location
  • ⦁ Manages and shows presence status of contacts, set connection control of your office extension, and access to directories, favorites, voicemail and journals
  • ⦁ Select preferred calling procedure to utilize optimal voice calling rates

myPortal for OpenStage

  • ⦁ OpenScape Office UC presence and visible voicemail features to OpenStage 60/80 desktop phones
  • ⦁ Easy changes of OpenScape Business presence status
  • ⦁ Visually access, query and control personal voicemail-box


  • ⦁ Presence-aware switchboard application used by administrators, dispatchers or supervisor
  • ⦁ Presents a single, consolidated view of all of the company’s users and their presence status, making it easy to transfer calls to employees when they are available


OpenStage Gate View

OpenStage Gate View is a user-friendly, security solution that offers real-time video surveillance to observe, control and grant access to entrance areas all from your OpenStage Business phone, PC or your Smart Phone. OpenStage GateView supports also scheduled recording of a video stream and the saving of recordings to a network drive.



Productivity and Customer Service: 
Boost employee productivity and get more done, while serving customers and employees even better to increase retention and loyalty. Speeding up communications to resolve customer issues, enhancing team collaboration to improve decision making, and injecting mobility so being out of the office doesn‘t mean being out of touch

Mobility/Distributed Workforce:
Experience independent mobility and collaborate anywhere. Facilitating effective and secure communication between multiple sites and remote workers regardless of device, location or network

Management of Operational Costs:
UC features reduce travel expenses and eliminate third party conferencing costs. Investment protection by migration for existing customer

Ease of Installation/Support:
System that easily allows the implementation of UC, migration to IP and upgrades

A scalable Voice and UC solution that grows with the business



“In order to best serve our customers, we need communications tools that can keep up with our employees wherever we are and that can grow with us as our business needs change. OpenScape Business from Siemens Enterprise Communications got us up and running quickly, and our team has already realized the real productivity benefits of UC.”
Scott Brenchley, Director, MCC Apple Centre, Warrington


“With OpenScape Business Field Trial our expectations are confirmed. It delivers thru continuity and product evolution the latest of Unified Communication Technology… all that with a minimal impact on budget and operations.”
Sergio Srdjan Vemic, CTO – Chief Technical Officer, Telmekom Italy


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