OpenScape Xpert

Enjoy advanced multi-line communications in trading floors or dispatch control centers.

OpenScape Xpert is an IP communications solution that addresses two distinct markets: trading floors in financial services organizations and dispatch operations.

The latter incorporates the emergency services, airports, military command and control, utilities, and transport. Designed for multi-line VoIP communications, OpenScape Xpert uses standardized protocols and components. It is securely delivered from a centralized data center with all confidential call information protected with encryption.

OpenScape Xpert can easily be integrated into existing communications systems and customized for your requirements. It offers easy upgrades and unparalleled workflow integration. It can bring diverse applications together into a single network, such as those that supply business data, customer information, phone, email, voice recording playback and video.


Simple User Interface

Access to OpenScape Xpert is through an easy-to-use, context-sensitive, Windows-based soft client. It can be configured individually for each user, setting their favorite language and number of handsets, for example. The client can be used with hard turrets for trading floors or on PCs for back office and home users. We also provide specialised devices, such as the OpenStage Xpert 6010p unit, which is ergonomically designed with a high-definition 10-inch touch screen and hard keys.


Increased Capability and Productivity

Trading floors: stock, commodity and energy traders are under time pressure to trade and close the deal for the best price. OpenScape Xpert allows everyone working in trading to manage multiple phone calls simultaneously with Speech Monitoring and share information with colleagues via intercom.

Dispatching centers: dispatchers need to coordinate the response to any safety or security threat. OpenScape Xpert helps all parties work together via phone lines, radio control and video surveillance. In emergency situations, users can activate alarm settings that direct all communications to the right people.



  • Increases collaboration to reach a common decision faster
  • Enhances employee satisfaction and team productivity
  • Location-independent resource planning
  • Increases redundancy for business continuity
  • Limits damages caused by unforeseen failures
  • Adheres to legal requirements
  • Ensures compliance
  • Protects existing investments
  • Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO)



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